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DIVINE FEMINE: taking back your power

*SOLD 1 million of copies - reconnected 1 million LIVES :)

Time to take back your power asleep during many (hundreds of) years?

  • Learn how to release the Must's, Self-sacrifice, Stress, Imposter Syndrome, emotional trauma and become a REAL Goddess
  • Get help to heal past-life trauma, family karma, childhood trauma through channelled messages and life lesson knowledge in the book
  • transform yourself into the 5D, best version of yourself on Earth
  • Understand another level of self-love and get healing as you read the book, even if you have tried EXPENSIVE therapies, counselling, psychic readings, education, psychotherapists, coaches...
  • And much more...helping you discover the ANSWERS from within yourself because you are the MASTER of your existence

Awaken the Divine Feminine in you Now

No more suffering, enslavement, self-doubt, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, not enough, stress... becoming like a MAN. Life wants to tell you something very important... The Universe has brought you this Gift here...Take it the KEYS to Freedom and Unconditional Love below...The Divine Feminine in me loves the Divine Feminine in You. Time is up for change. Take Back your Power! This is YOUR life!

start the journey together now!

Testimonials & Reviews

I’m really enjoying the book and you’re spirit thank you Gabi for stepping in and being YOU! So comforting for others like me.. gives me hope, inspiration and empowerment"

Ronja Elmetid

"Thank you so much for the insights on my soul gifts and understanding about my family background.”

Maryory Reinolds
Manager, Health Care

"It helped me connect the dots and find the missing pieces, even though I have been in my spiritual journey for a while. Gabi has a way of explaining how things are connected in an easy language”

Katja Wallisch
Healer and Transformational Coach

About the Author

Gabi Gal is a psychic medium, author to different books in the field of healing, relationships and the Divine Feminine... She is a gifted intuitive sharing her soul knowledge and channelling wisdom from beyond to heal the collective Divine Feminine. It is time now for the full Divinity in every woman to be present. No more suffering, struggle, stress, self-doubt, emotional enslavement, not enough, cannot-syndrome, imposter syndrome...

Throughout many hundreds of years, the Divine Feminine has been imprisoned and enslaved. The connection with the Divine within each and every woman has been impaired because of the ways our middle age and modern societies have been moulded...

Knowledge started come from outside instead of from within. Intuition has been forgotten and a new world of "evidence" has been born. Divine Wisdom and Natural Female Powers have been repressed, forgotten, disregarded...

It is time for the Divine Feminine take Leadership Role NOW.

Lack of knowledge of who you are, being born in societies that teach you to give away your power and other traumas disconnect you from your real SOUL power.

I wrote this book together with the Spirit World to share my own soul lessons over a course of a thousand years and also higher guidance, healing throughout the book for all of whom feels drawn to re-awakening the passion, pleasure, unconditional love, intuition, soul gifts, purpose within.

It you feel in your heart that this is something for you, take this chance and give you this Christmas and New Year's gift. You will not only give yourself but also the whole planet, as you embody more of your light.

Gabi Gal

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